Some of Dannielle’s supporters include (title for identification purpose only):

22nd Delegation: Senator Paul Pinsky and Delegates Tawanna Gaines, Anne Healey, and Alonzo Washington

21st Delegation: Senator Jim Rosapepe and Delegates Ben Barnes, Barbara Frush, and Joseline Pena-Melnyk

24th Delegation: Delegates Jazz Lewis and Delegate Erek Barron

47th Delegation: Senator Victor Ramirez, Delegates Jimmy Tarlou and Delegate Fennel


Alan Thompson, Mayor, Riverdale Park

Andrew Hanko, Mayor, New Carrollton

Cheryl Jewitt, Mayor, Berwyn Heights

Len Carey, Mayor, University Park

Lee Walker, Mayor, Landover Hills


Alice Bishop, President, Templeton Knolls Civic Association

Angela Bowldes, President, Dresden Green Civic Association

P.J. Brennan, Councilman, College Park

Kathy Bryant, Old Town Civic Association

Lisa Davila-Steele, President, Roswil HOA

Robert Day, Councilman, College Park

Monroe Dennis, Councilman, College Park

Patricia Dennison, Councilwoman, Berwyn Heights

Marsha Dixon, Councilwoman, Riverdale Park

Katrina Dodro, Councilwoman, New Carrollton

Aaron Faulx, Councilman, Riverdale Park

June Garrett, former Councilwoman, New Carrollton

Chris Henry, Councilman, Riverdale Park

Bradley Hess, Councilman, University Park

Emily Hickey, President, Seabrook Acres Neighborhood Assn.

Jodie Kulpa-Eddy, Councilwoman, Town of Berwyn Heights

Lincoln Lashley, Councilman, New Carrollton

David Lingua, Councilman, Riverdale Park

Greg McNair, resident of West Lanham Hills and Director of National Security Systems

Denise Mitchell, Councilwoman, College Park

Marty Newman, President, Riverdale Heights, Riverdale Hills, and Crestwood Community Association

Diane Pierce, President, Hanson Oaks Homeowners Association

Chris Rasmussan, Councilman, Berwyn Heights

Duane Rosenberg, Councilman, New Carrollton

Joe Williams, Councilmember, Landover Hills




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What people in our community are saying about Dannielle for Council

Some of Dannielle’s supporters include:

Senator Paul Pinsky
Delegate Anne Healey
Delegate Tawanna Gaines
Delegate Alonzo Washington

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