A "fun"draising afternoon at Rinaldi's Bowl

RINALDI_cvr.jpgDannielle’s fall fundraiser at Rinaldi's Riverdale Bowl was a big hit. About 100 supporters from throughout District 3 came to the lanes for a night of bowling, mingling, and food and drinks, and to hear Dannielle discuss her vision for the district. Everyone had a great time. 

A number of civic leaders and elected officials showed up to voice their support for Dannielle, including State Senator Paul Pinsky, Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo, and Krista Williams, civic assn. president for Lincoln Vista.

Read more and see photos from our fun day out at Rinaldi's.

In his introduction, Councilman Eric Olson said that Dannielle would help our district continue to build on the successes of the past eight years. Senator Pinsky stressed that major decisions about Prince George's County occur at the district level and that he was happy that Dannielle is running.   Other supporters who turned out for the event included Delegate Alonzo Washington, New Carrollton Mayor Andy Hanko, Riverdale Park Mayor Vernon Archer, former College Park Mayor Steven Brayman, and Delegate Anne Healey. Dannielle thanked everyone who attended, her family, her campaign team, and the volunteers who have been so vital in helping her reach voters throughout District 3 by holding house parties and by going door knocking with her.

The campaign is in a great place as we gear up for the primary in June 2014. The fundraising event – along with online donations that came in before the event – raised thousands of dollars and will go a long way in keeping the campaign moving forward. A big thank you to everyone for their support! 

A huge thanks to everyone at Rinaldi's Riverdale Bowl for hosting such a fantastic event. We hope to see you at our next event. Sign up for our email alerts so we can be sure to invite you to our kickoff event. 

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Some of Dannielle’s supporters include:

Senator Paul Pinsky
Delegate Anne Healey
Delegate Tawanna Gaines
Delegate Alonzo Washington

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